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We are an internationally acting learning center that helps (beginning) entrepreneurs to maximum and long-term success.

We provide training and guidance through customized programs based on new research and professional expertise and knowledge.


Karin Sebelin is the founder and trainer of the Key Person of Trust Academy.

She is a successful author, trust expert and personal branding coach (Key Person of Trust) and member of the IAPO International Association of Professional Motivational Speakers.

Her clients are (beginning) entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches, trainers, consultants, (beginning) authors,  … and others.

Since several years she is the go-to person when it comes to the topic trust.

Her vision: Teaching all people the right handling with trust and that people encounter more trust in life.

Karin built her unique skill with regard to trust during the stay on the English business platform Ecademy where she had great success.

She helps (beginning) entrepreneurs influence and maximize their success via personal branding and a new branding concept, called “Becoming a Key Person of Trust (KPT)“.

The branding concept is based on 4 pillars: 1. Trust, 2. Personality, 3. Leadership, and 4. Brand.

It is the exclusive education for entrepreneurs who want to achieve more.

The Key Person of Trust Academy helps (beginning) entrepreneurs

  • Build essential skills through powerful materials.
  • Become successful via online training and materials.
  • Become successful on 4 pillars (Trust, Personality, Leadership, Brand)
  • Develop the basis for a great branding.
  • Become competitive on the market.
  • Achieve maximum and long-term success.


Our philosophy:

We don’t just sell products, we build people. – Karin Sebelin



  1. What is the price for a training?
  2. How often can I take a training?
  3. Do I get a certificate when having successfully passed a course?
  4. What kind of qualification must I have for a training?



  1. The price ranges from FREE TRAINING to a fixed price. It depends on what kind of training you book.
  2. When booked a training (course), you will have permanent access to this course.
  3. You will receive a certificate for each special course (besides the FREE TRAINING).
  4. There are no requirements for taking a training.


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We offer a great range of courses to personal branding.


Here the topics:

  • Training – Topic Trust (KPT)
  • Training – Expert / Thought Leader / Influencer (KPT)
  • Training – Success + Entrepreneurial Mindset (KPT)
  • …. (further courses will follow)