Karin Sebelin

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Heidestr. 35, D-71292 Friolzheim, (Germany)


+49 (176) 84545228



About Karin Sebelin

Karin Sebelin is a successful author (books on trust, ethics, and personal branding), trust expert, and personal branding coach (Becoming a Key Person of Trust). She is a member of the IAPO International Association of Professional Motivational Speakers. She has founded the Key Person of Trust Academy.

  • Creative and strategic thinking
  • Design
  • (Creative) writing
  • Language skills

Karin Sebelin is the author of two German children’s books, co-author of a German anthology, and author of several books about trust, ethical leadership and branding. She is a trust expert and personal branding coach for Becoming a Key Person of Trust and a member of the IAPO International Association of Professional Motivational Speakers. She is the founder of the Key Person of Trust Academy.

An entrepreneur since 2011, Karin coaches (beginning) entrepreneurs with a new branding concept based on four pillars: 1. Trust, 2. Personality, 3. Leadership, and 4. Brand, and helps them become remarkable personalities, great leaders, and trusted and respected brands, and achieve maximum success.

Karin Sebelin considers trust the foundation of happiness. As CEO of Presse-Service Karin Sebelin, as freelance journalist, editor, writer and communications consultant, she made her first acquaintance with the topic of trust.

Through business networking on Ecademy (August 2011 until July 2012), Karin learned much about tolerance, trust and collaboration. She had great success in this network. People loved her blogs and work very much, and for many weeks she ranked as number one among the 600,000 members of this network in the Ecademy Score.

Karin lives with her husband and their two sons in Friolzheim, Germany.